Junior Designer - Functional Parts

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Service rate 15,00 $US / heure
Min. order 1 heure
Envoi à partir de Barrie, ON, Canada

La description

Hi there, if you're looking for a CAD modeler to bring your sketches and designs to life, but don't have the funds to pay for an expensive designer. Then, look no further, I'm your guy. 

I'm a self taught Fusion 360 designer based out of Ontario, Canada. I got into Fusion about two years ago and have since partnered in a start-up building an eFoil. My role has been to model and design most of the functional designs within the motor assembly. Rest assured, your designs are in capable hands. I fully admit that I am still working on mastering the craft, but that just means you can get my labour for a good price as I seek opportunity to practice my craft.

I work from full sketches/blueprints as well as more loose generalized needs. If you need a part that you just can't quite figure out, feel free to inquire. I might not be able to help, but there is a good chance I can. Just keep in mind that building from scratch takes longer to do.

Additionally, I can fix models that are broken or need small modifications. Also, once you have your models, either from me or not, consider my 3D printing service. Also cost effective. 

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