What's New?

This page is dedicated to listing new features available on Treatstock. Be sure to check back in on a regular basis to stay up to date with the continuous improvements we make to the platform. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can further improve our platform, send us a message and let us know. We'd be happy to hear from you!

24th June, 2020

  • Payouts through a direct bank transfer are available for requests from $500 or higher. Additionally, there is an option to receive your money in a currency of choice.
  • In the Sales list, vendors can now see the dates when an order was created or canceled.

15th June, 2020

  • We improved the CNC setup and price calculation processes. The cost and material setup interface are now much easier to work with. We also added an option to test out your rates via a sample model to get more accurate results.

12th May, 2020

  • We added Instant Payments to simplify the payment process for additional charges or tips. This feature allows transferring payments directly to a company’s Treatstock balance immediately. Before using this option, please, check out related articles in the Help Center.
  • Delivery deadlines were slightly changed due to the current situation with delivery companies.
  • For print services, the cost of a shipping label in Free delivery orders will now be displayed.

31st March, 2020

  • Vendors can now withdraw the rewards via bank transfer starting from $2000. This can be done on the Earnings page.

30th December, 2019

  • For “Step 2” in the instant order, we have added an infill increase option right under the color selection. Be aware that you can’t set the infill percentage lower than the default minimum.

30th October, 2019

  • Get browser notifications for new orders. To enable those, visit New Orders tab in your sales.
  • For international instant orders, we now show closer print services on top of the list.

25th September, 2019

  • Quoting is now available in the form of a widget that you can embed to your website.

23th July, 2019

  • Manufacturers can now create a Quote for the customer. The feature allows sending offers to customers who already have Treatstock account directly from message dialog. If a customer isn’t registered on the site, you can also use their email to create a pre-order.

25th March, 2019

  • Non-business accounts can now use Hide Profile function to remove their public page from the search. All order reviews left by a user would still be visible on the company’s page though.

4th February, 2019

  • Manufacturers can now cancel additional service offer. Please, notice: the option would be available only for services that weren’t paid by the customer yet.
  • Option to add a description or a comment to the Quote. The customer would be able to see it on Quote’s page as well:

23th January, 2019

  • Selecting a specific material from a group is finally available for Order Widget and in Thingiverse app!

  • Additional Services are available for payment with your Treatstock balance, so you can use your Earnings to order products and services.
  • (for vendors) Uploaded photos for Orders in production can now be maximized by a click as well as rotated. Thus, you can go back and double check the results before submitting them for moderation.

12th December, 2018

  • For countries except for United Kingdom, USA, Germany we now break the customer’s address apart to help to prepare the order for the delivery. We hope it’ll help vendors to dispatch international packages easier even when the address is written in a different language.
  • Searching for an order using the Quote number it used to have is now available.
  • On a 3D printer’s page in the machines catalog you can now click the brand name to see other machines from the same manufacturer.
  • Changes in the payment system on the website. From this time on you can see that each order has its unique invoice number.

16th November, 2018

  • Customers now can sort print services by Best Rating in the order widget to find a vendor for their order.
  • We have added an option to always receive e-mail notifications, even if Treatstock is opened in your browser. Visit the Notification tab in your Profile to switch it on.

E-mail notifications

08th November, 2018

  • Manufacturers can now review their 3D printers and share valuable insights with the community in our 3D Printers Guide. To review your 3D printer(s), visit your Services page and click on "Review your 3D printer"

3D printer review

  • We have added a language switcher option for the Treatstock Widget and the My Services Widget. Furthermore, we now support the Italian and Spanish languages in the widgets. If you would like to contribute and help us to translate the widgets or website into another language, or correct translations for currently supported languages, please reach out to us.

Language Switcher

29th October, 2018

  • Customer reviews are now visible on the bottom of the Treatstock Widget and the My Services Widget. If a manufacturer does not wish to have customer reviews visible in their My Services widget, they can go to My Business Tools and switch the Show Reviews toggle off

Show/Hide customer reviews

  • All users can now see a detailed version of reviews including the star ratings given for speed, quality, and communication

Detailed display of customer reviews

  • All CNC manufacturing services are now listed under Services > CNC Manufacturing
  • Activate all/Deactivate all option now available for 3D printers in manufacturer's Services page

Activate/deactivate 3D printers

  • Shipping address now visible on the order card (without going into order details) for manufacturers when dispatching orders
  • Users can now search RFQs with quote number or supplier name, and filter by status

27th September, 2018

  • International delivery toggle now available for customers in the order widget
  • Manufacturers can now reply to customer's reviews
  • Notifications now appear for new Sales Reviews for manufacturers

21st August, 2018

  • Product's widget now available for suppliers
  • Published products are now purchasable from the customer review