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Student IT at Thomas More College, Geel.
Based in Ravels Belgium.
I currently have a Felix Pro 2 Touch printer and a couple of colors of PLA, PETG, FLEX, PVA and ABS, but feel free to ask for other options, I'll always look what is possible.

-3D Printing
-(Basic) 3D-design in Autodesk Fusion 360

Current settings and services for the Felix Pro 2 Touch:
-Nozzle Diameter: 0.35
-Infill Density: standard 20%, customizable
-Layer Height: 0.1
-Dual colors possible
-Supports if needed
-Manual after-print check-up

Possible colors:
-Black (PLA, PETG, FLEX)
-White (PLA, PETG, FLEX)
-Lime-green (ABS)
-Sky-blue (ABS)
-Gold-yellow (ABS)
-Natural-white (PVA, ABS)
Site Internetjorisdekruijf.be
EmplacementRavels, Flanders, BE


15 mai 2018
J3D is a 3D printing company based in Flanders, Belgium. The manufacturer offers prototyping and printing custom projects with plastic filaments as well as creating a basic design in AutoCAD Fusion 360. Our part had been finished on the next day to a good quality. The print appears pretty smooth and precise despite a defect on one of the top layers.
Imprimé le: FELIX Pro 2 Touch
Matériau: Plastique biodégradable et flexible
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