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I tried to create a pair of sandals for incidental use at home and at the beach for example.

A pair consists of one type of sole and strap. Glue the two parts...Plus together with hard PVC glue for example.
The soles are identical and will not be smooth at the bottom to improve the grip and it also has a curve at the top to roughly follow the shape of a foot. The straps are higher on one side than the other side to roughly follow the shape of a foot.
The left strap is placed on the opposite relative to the right strap.
The total length is about 265mm and the smallest width between the strap ends is about 86mm.

Disclaimer: usage of any models from 3DParts4U will be at your own risk.
Don't use this pair of sandals as a replacement for your shoes (incidental use only).
Wearing them with socks on is recommended.

My print settings in Simplify3D:

black PolyFLEX | hotend 220°C | bed 40°C | 250 micron | infill 40% | 4 top layers | 4 bottom layers | 2 outline layers
fan 100% | nozzle 0.35mm | extrusion width 0.40mm | retraction off | extrusion multiplier 1.20 | coasting distance 2.00mm
3400 mm per minute | no support
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