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Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau. CNC, Waterjet, Laser Cutting and Wire/EDM services

3D Printing Services:

HP Fusion Jet - PA12, TPU, PA12 with glass bead
FDM - Composite (Carbon Fiber, Nylon, Fiberglass)
Metal - Stianless Steel, Inconel, Aluminum, Titanium, Cobalt Chromium
SLA - Glass Reinforced Resins, Translucent, ABS Like
Type d'entreprise Manufacturing Business
La possession Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Total des employés <10
Année de création 2016
EmplacementMiddletown, CT, US


25 mars 2020
Diversified Manufacturing Technologies is a multi-tasking 3D service located in Middletown, Connecticut. On top of 3D printing via wide range of materials, the vendor offers CNC, Waterjet, Laser Cutting and Wire/EDM services. Our test model was completed within a short time. The part turned out as expected. The dimensions of the item are precise.
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Matériau: Onyx
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Production and Increased Quantity Orders

The more you order the lower the pricing.

We can handle order quanities to 10,000pcs with 3D printing. 


We offer multiple 3d printing solutions allowing you to combine different 3D methods to make your entire project with one trusted supplier. This is easier for you since you deal with one point of contact and also get streamlined shipping for faster final part assembly.

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2018-09-12-23.48.33.jpghp-banner-img.pngHP-Multi-Jet-Fusion-PA12-mechanical-part.jpgPlastic Printing.jpg829CF6E4-6476-4622-9083-6BC85E608951_1_201_a.jpeg7E45A38C-CE24-4C1E-8F21-375BAFD497F1_1_105_c.jpeg6EE6403E-AC4A-45B4-951D-9CB7DC11854A_1_201_a.jpeg175A40AA-A573-42B6-BDD1-3C325020165D_1_201_a.jpegCD3D7D43-1CD3-4F49-9450-B0240661778E_1_105_c.jpeg2C480874-89A5-444E-BA59-947326DC7DC2_1_201_a.jpeg75767166-7F45-4B31-A349-9E33095D946F_1_105_c.jpeg50F1D649-E1BD-400F-BCA3-74B6665A2D3F_1_105_c.jpeg